Balcony Brushstrokes

Morning Walk Montages - an almost daily recording of organic and industrial detritus that draws Kavita's gaze, usually on her morning walk. This takes her on the roads and sidewalks of the neighbourhood that she lives in and sometimes in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The images  are increasingly taken in situ, as found on the sidewalk or roadside as she finds these surfaces add and intrigue her , an everchanging canvas, subject to the capriciousness of the elements as much as the detritus and she is too. Sometimes, she collects and bring bits back to the studio and photographs the montages against whatever artworks maybe in progress in her studio at the time. she does not pluck, alter the pieces nor photoshop the images. The 'life journey' of each leaf, flower, seed pod or other detritus is unique , testament to time, the elements they have been exposed to - such as wind, rain, heat and to that intangible essence which makes each thing unique. These are a small selection from over four years of daily recording and musing. 

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