Balcony Brushstrokes


Kavita’s paintings from the past four years find their beginnings off the sidewalks of Singapore. The spotting, observing and collecting is the first step in Kavita’s process of gathering information. The compositions become studies of textures, form and the colours of decay and life; they are compilations of the natural world in minutiae. They inform and inspire all her art making processes. These are process led and spontaneous responding to the various materials and their interactions; there is no fixed outcome in mind. She uses layering to build up colour and texture, but also strips away to reveal layers and erosion much like nature does. Using wind, air and water to interplay and respond intuitively allows for time and the elements to play their part.


The individual leaves, tree bark fragments, withering flowers, fruits and seeds, their shapes, textures, colours are beautiful in themselves and better than studying text books. At other times accidental juxtapositions reflect patterns of the macrocosm. The miscellaneous remnants of our built up and industrial environment also fascinate. It is the interplay of time, the elements and the essence of each individual piece that has her hooked. She sees metaphors for her own mid-life stage in the way this interplay takes place. It has changed the way she ‘sees’ the world around her. Kavita's life experience obviously colours how she sees and her response through her artwork.