Balcony Brushstrokes

Kavita Issar Batra

Kavita Issar Batra is a British artist of Indian origin based in Singapore since 2009. Kavita's oeuvre spans oil, acrylic and mixed media painting, photography and  installation.

Her work is situated in her immediate surroundings, it is influenced directly and indirectly by studies of organic and urban trash she comes across while walking.  This particular art practice of recording a daily detritus diary along with thoughts sparked by them, started in November 2012, four years ago. The images are recorded on her phone camera, an iphone to maintain the spontaneity of the moment. Sometimes she brings back pieces - bits of bark, seedpods, leaves, flowers, wire metal fragments  - discards that catch her eye  to the studio, nothing is plucked or altered.  These inform and inspire her art making processes.    It has become part of her natural rhythms and continues even when travelling.  To share the 'wonder  found in the ordinary and to encourage others to appreciate the beauty to be found in our immediate everyday environment the images are  shared on Facebook and  Instagram.

She previously had a career in Human Resource Management in the UK as a practitioner and academic. Art however, took precedence and she has been a full time artist for the past decade. She only began to show her work in exhibitions more recently and has participated in various group exhibitions. She had a couple of  successful solo exhibitions of her paintings and photographs in  Singapore and has been invited by the German Centre Singapore to exhibit a new series of paintings in an exhibition opening on 18 november 2016. Her art is in private collections  in the UK, USA, Dubai, India, Singapore , Europe and Australia.  

As Anselm Kiefer so aptly expressed, " What does an artist do? S/he  draws connections.  S/he ties invisible threads between things. S/he dives into history, be it the history of mankind, the geological history of the earth or the beginning and end of the manifest cosmos "  Kavita too aims to spark conversations about the extraordinary in the small forgotten things, the repeated patterns and echoes that tie these insignificant  microcosms to the larger macrocosm around us. It is about time, the elements and their essence. If any of this and her work resonates with you, you can contact her directly  through the contact page.  

 Thank you .