Kavita Issar Batra


My art literally finds inspiration on the pavements and roads I walk, in the natural ‘litter’ from the trees and plants we usually just trample beneath our feet.  Natural philosophers and the greatest teacher, these bits of bark, seedpod, leaves, flowers etc. find voice through my photographs, videos, paintings and installations.  For over eighteen years I have been exploring art making; I studied with James Holdsworth (British) for three years and was mentored for a further four years by David Kelly (Australian), both amazing artists and generous teachers; besides completing various courses previously in London.  I have had a number of solo exhibitions in Singapore and earlier this year debuted in New Delhi, India.  I have also been part of various group exhibitions in Singapore and London. The Singapore Botanic Garden have invited me to exhibit my photographs twice in their Public art gallery spaces. My work is in collections in India, UK, Singapore, the US, Middle east, Australia and Switzerland.


 Upcoming exhibitions


‘Expressions of the Earth’ - The Indian High Commission in Singapore are presenting my paintings and photographs alongside the Ceramic art by Vinata Goswamy 15th and 16th November 2019


‘Roadside Rojak’ – Singapore Botanic Gardens Public Galleries Mid November 2019 onwards